+++ BREAKING NEWS: Munich/Malaga - MESSERSCHMITT warns against copies!!! +++ Munich/Malaga - MESSERSCHMITT warns against copies!!!

As a result of irreconcilable differences with the company Tim Opara / Jetbuster Adria which our vehicle with our know-how,
our drawings and our designs, registered under
002608620-0001 and 002593343-0001 still illegally manufactures, we inform you that:

Backdated could take place copies of our Kabinenroller sales by unauthorized persons and companies.
Any copies of this deals and sales make the offense of design infringement or the wrong marketing guilty.
We have news from the fact that certain offers of this kind, from Tim Opara / Jetbuster Adria has been made
to privat customers and resellers in Germany and other countries.
In this cases MESSERSCHMITT reserves in accordance with regulations take legal action against the persons and companies,
which are involved in the sale and purchase of these copies.

Published in Munich, February 2015

...How it began...

The aircraft builder Fritz M. Fend from Rosenheim/Germany works no longer on undercarriages from aircrafts, because the War is over.
But now, he builds vehicles for amputee war victims with tiller drive.

Fritz Fend proves with his Fend-Flitzer that it can be even sufficient, to achieve performance with little man-power.

M. Fend, Professor Willy Messerschmitt and a 10-member Team developing the famous two-seater Kabinenroller.

Karl Eisele and five more Kabinenroller pilots take with the Messerschmitt KR 200 Super in 24 Hours on the Hockenheimring 25 world records.

The break-even point is reached, the production adjusted. The consumption generally for vehicles of resources Energy and fuels steadily increasing.

The German car builder and designer A. Adlfinger and graphic artist F. Zimmermann meet each other about the velomobile scene.
Both have the same visions:
Less is more, people looking to keep fit and at the same time not give up the comfort of mobility. New materials allow to built the Kabinenroller with even less weight, less human power and small efficient electric motors to reach sufficient mobility. And in a timeless design. The potential of the cabin scooter as Hyprid-Vehicle is far not exhausted ...
and ... it will find many new friends.

.....mobility without borders!

lat.: mobilitas, Beweglichkeit, mobilitè, movilidad, mobilità, mobility, Mobilitet,Liikuvus,.....

Thinking about the future means thinking about mobility.
The KR E-250/450 Kabinenroller expants your personal mobility.
Overcome even longer distances effortlessly or drive safely wherever you want.

What is a KR E-250/450?

The KR E-250 and the KR E-450 is the new edition of the legendary MESSERSCHMITT Kabinenroller from the 50s.
The KR E-250 integrates the classic mechanism of pedaling** with a powerful electric assist drive system.
This is able to monitor the braking energy of the vehicle and, at the same time the current thereby obtained to regenerate the energy back to the battery.
We using the best GRP and CFK materials in manufacturing our MESSERSCHMITT`s and so it is very lightweight
The on pedelec modus limited very powerfull up to 4000 watt brushless permanent magnet DC motor brings also increased torque.
The NuVinci® N360™ Harmony** - automatic speed transmission leads to lower energy consumption and very quiet road noise .
The price is significantly lower than that of our competitors .... without compromising on design and quality.
Despite its compact size to drive, thanks to the dynamic air suspension technology, it runs like on on rails .
Only two handles and the roof/entry section* of the KR E-250/450 can easily be replaced with another functional design!

MESSERSCHMITT Kabinenroller connects pilots with riding, brings them the feeling of flying!

(*Additional equipment)
(** Only 25km/h Pedelec-Version)

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+++ BREAKING NEWS: Munich/Malaga - Veloschmitt is now MESSERSCHMITT!!! +++ BREAKING NEWS: Munich/Malaga - Veloschmitt is now MESSERSCHMITT!!!

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